{Party Planning}

{Who}: Myself, Amber, because I love to be creative with DIY craft decorating and plan events big or small in great detail.

{What}: I am here to help you plan, prep, set-up and take down a successful and fun party.

{When & Where}: You decide how involved I am in the party process. You can leave all the details in my hands, or just have me come to the party to act as the host so you can relax and enjoy your party and guests.

{Why}: Because sometimes the best moments in life require a little planning.

{How}: For $15 an hour, you can put me to work in whatever way you see fit, which includes: decorations, food-prep, dishes and clean-up. You pay for the supplies and food, but you bet I can run the errands to collect them!


{Cozy and Bright Birthday}
I helped plan, set-up, maintain and clean-up this wonderful south Minneapolis party.

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Tonya's 40th Birthday Party!

Tonya’s 40th Birthday Party!


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