{What People Are Saying}

{Lovely Feedback I Greatly Appreciate}

{Creativity & Organization}

It has been a pleasure working with Amber at Cupcake Caramel by Sweets Bakeshop. Amber is very personable, gets along well with others, is very professional, and was an integral part in keeping retail running smoothly. She excels in paying careful attention to detail and solving tough tasks. There were many times that Amber’s diligence saved many orders from being missed/messed up, leaving the customers she helped satisfied. She has a broad range of artistic/creative skills that could be applied in any work environment. Amber’s organization and creativity made the store look inviting, and her imaginative displays kept the store looking fresh. I heartily recommend Amber and would be only too happy to work with her again.  {Emily Marks, St. Paul, MN}

{Organizing & Cleaning}
“Amber Hoover has provided housecleaning services for us for the past year.  Her work is excellent.  Amber leaves every corner and surface clean and sparkling, noting small details that add up to a big difference in every room of our house.  Amber is also skilled in using products that are right for our wood floors, furniture, countertops, glass, and fixtures.  Her recommendations for cleaning products are safe for people, pets, and the environment.  We’ve enjoyed Amber’s work tremendously.  She’s not only skilled, but is consistently motivated to provide exceptional service.  It’s such a treat to come home from work and find everything looking great and smelling fresh and clean!”   {Krista Westendorp, Edina, MN}  
“Amber is a pleasant, dependable ace who has cleaned and babysat for us in the past. A babysitter who also cleans! Cost of coming home from a date to a clean house? Priceless!”  {Nick Sieger, South Minneapolis, MN}

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