{About Me}

My name is Amber and this is what I know for sure…
1. I am a genuinely happy human being
2. I am an intellectual thinker
3. Therefore my imagination is constantly running wild
4. One word to describe me: Creative
5. The smallest acts of kindness make you feel the best at the end of the day
6. I have a huge sweet tooth – but not for candy
7. I love any and all kinds of decorating (interior and cupcake especially)
8. My goal in life is to travel to as many countries in the world as I possibly can
9. I could watch animal and nature documentaries all day (Planet Earth!)
10. I have the best parents anyone could ever ask for and I love spending time with them
11. I am extremely organized until I’m not
12.  I can watch epic battle movies over and over again (LOTR is top on my list)
13. And I will never stop reading: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
14. I put lots of butter on everything
15.  I enjoy studying sociology and psychology
16.  I am drawn to breathtaking views and beautiful things
17. I love black and white photos, especially of people
18.  All the things I own are more than I will ever need
19.  Natural and mood lighting are the best (fluorescent = worst)
20.  I talk and hum to myself constantly
21.  I am a observer
22.  I may seem serious on the outside, but I’m really silly and quite weird on the inside
23.  I believe an attitude of gratitude brings opportunity
24.  I love even numbers and my favorite is twenty-four



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